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A CRM is software that enables you to manage customer relationships and maintain information about your company’s interactions with potential clients and current customers.

CRM software processes all of your digital marketing data and presents it to you in an easy to read format.

CRM software connects to your email system, your contacts, website, and your back-office, crunching the results of the marketing campaigns, so you can see the results of your marketing efforts with minimal effort.

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Manage your sales, marketing and backoffice

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Manage your marketing and e-mail campaigns

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Everyone says I need a CRM

What does a CRM do?

Now that you have an answer to “What is a CRM software?” and know the meaning of CRM, you’re probably wondering what CRM marketing software does. CRM software has multiple functions for your business:

First and foremost, it’s a medium for collecting all your customers’ information in one place. You collect and store data like emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles to help you have a basis for contacting your prospects.

A CRM system helps you stay engaged with prospects. When you know some basic information about these prospects, like what content they read on your website, you can deliver tailored content to fit their interests.

CRMs help you organize all your data so you know where different prospects are in the sales cycle. It enables you to deliver the right content at the right time to your prospects. Plus, it’s easy for other sales team members to jump in and see where a lead is in your sales cycle.

Depending on the CRM, you can connect your marketing campaigns directly to payroll system, invoicing, HR and other systems so you have fully integrated and automated office. This is a major step towards success.

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CRM cost estimates vary based on the systems currently used in house, the goals of the business among other items.