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Top 10 Points that will Change your website into a Successful One

Experts and social media experts will tell you that a static website is outdated. It is now you dynamic business information center  as it not only contains your business information, but also manages much of your marketing and customer service among other aspects of your business.

Here is a list of your top 10 must have features in a well designed website in 2022:


  1. A Clear Description of the Business

  • What: stating your name and summing up your products.
  • Where: Home Page.
  • Why: your client should not have to do any investigative work to find out who the company is. You want to attract the attention of your viewer within 2-3 seconds of them entering your site or you stand the chance of losing them. 
  1. A Search Bar

  • Where: on top of every page in a visible spot.
  • Why: ensuring the customer feels they are in control of what they want to see.
  1. A Navigation Bar

  • Where: to the side or across the top.
  • Why: empowering your users to use the site.
  1. Call to Action

  • What: can be anything from “create a login,” to “book a demo,” to “get on our mailing list.” It’s a plea to users, site that would involve later contact, and it is often coupled with an incentive.
  • Where: placed towards the top of key site pages.
  • Why: this is a major step in bringing your customer closer to the sale you are after.


  1. Images

  • Where: some sort of header image or body image to provide visitors with a visual.
  • What: these visuals can be ads for your new products, or a designed specifically for your site.
  • Why: Images (or Video for that matter) help retain attention since images are easier to recall than text.
  1. Customer Testimonials

  • What: include some of the wonderful things users and/or previous clients have said about you on your homepage. Review sites like Yelp or Google have plenty of data from which to pull.
  • Where: add to the home page or your landing page.
  • Why: establishing credibility via reviews increases sales.
  1. Small Chunks of information

  • What: representing information in small bites such as \”Take your business to new heights with our Safe, Fast & Managed Hosting\”.
  • Where: everywhere especially your home page where the first impression is formed.
  • Why: Everyone processes information better if it is presented concisely. By breaking content into short paragraphs, including bullet points or highlighting important words and phrases visitors know exactly where to look.
  1. Add a Live Chat

  • What: the ability to chat with your business instantly.
  • Where: in the lower right corner of all your pages.
  • Why: to get in touch with site visitors and provide top-tier customer service.
  1. Teams and Employees

  • What: a description of your team / employees sorted according to who does. what, including a photo or a head-shot.
  • Where: in the about us page, or you may sprinkle team information throughout the website especially the home page for added credibility.
  • Why: for added credibility and personal touch.
  1. An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tool

  • What: SEO tools are software add on to your website.
  • Where: these tools work on the back-end of the website and are not visible to the user.
  • Why: For improved website traffic as these tools lead customers directly to your website.

by: Matt Abboushi

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